Our Core Principals

Service   +  Integrity  +  Quality

Barker & Associates’ design philosophy revolves around four basic principles that form the cornerstones of our business: service, integrity, flexibility, and quality. Each of these principles is equally important because, without any one of them present, our design collapses. B&A understands that at heart we are in a service industry. The purpose of our business is to provide design and construction administration services that the client cannot fulfill with his own resources. The client depends on our integrity, not only to ensure that the design is in compliance with codes and standards set forth by the authority having jurisdiction but because many decisions must be made and without reliable advice that can be trusted, the project will suffer. Being flexible in our design approach allows us to creatively apply our knowledge to the goal of the project in different ways. Flexibility also allows us to step back and look at the design from different perspectives which in turn helps us to produce a better product.  Without a quality design, the whole project suffers, not only in the poor communication of the design requirements but also cost.