We are mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineers who have been providing services since 2006 to a wide range of clients including the Military, local/regional/ Federal Government, commercial businesses, hospitals, healthcare providers, industrial factories, non-profit organizations, universities, sports facilities, churches, museums, restaurants, high-end residence owners, and many others. Our experience in serving such a broad spectrum of clients has made us versatile, creative problem solvers. We apply our wide knowledge base across a variety of design areas, ensuring that each project receives an innovative, efficient, and cost-effective solution.

Every project is unique. We understand this and consider alternative design ideas such as using building materials to construct unobtrusive linear slot devices (in lieu of standard metallic devices) and construction techniques inclusive of alternate piping materials or advanced lighting controls necessary to achieve the goals of our clients. This philosophy has led us to be involved in numerous types of highly-specialized, uncommon projects that many other firms have never seen, such as bus washers, electron microscope labs, and even creating 3D building models for holographic displays. At Barker & Associates, we pride ourselves on our ability to excel at projects that are beyond the norm.